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Cardfight!! Vanguard "G": Z
- Ultimate Stride's FAQs

How to perform 「Ultimate Stride」?

An example text of 「Ultimate Stride」 from one of the Zeroth Dragon:

You can find the first 2 Zeroth Dragon in the Ultimate Stride (G-BT13):

Q1: What is Ultimate Stride?
A1: Ultimate Stride is only released when you have three or more face up cards in your G zone!, and by choosing a card from your hand with the same card name as a unit on your [V], and discard it, and Stride the card with Ultimate Stride on your [V] from face down. Also, when the card with Ultimate Stridewould returns to your G zone, exclude your G zone together with the card with Ultimate Stride!

Q2: Are Ultimate Stride and 「Stride」 different actions?
A2: Yes, they are different. However, as "Ultimate Stride is still considered as an act of Stride, a grade 3 vanguard with an “Auto” ability "When a g unit Stride..." can still activate that ability.

Q3: With “Dragheart, Luard”’s ability "you may 「Stride」 without paying the cost the next time you would 「Stride」," can you use it for Ultimate Stride?
A3: No, you cannot. Since Stride and Ultimate Stride are different actions, you cannot change the cost of Ultimate Stride with an ability to change the cost of Stride.

Q4: Are cards with Ultimate Stride to be put into the G zone before the fight like the other G units and G guardians?
A4: Yes, they are part of the 16 cards in the G zone.

Q5: How many copies of the cards with Ultimate Stride can you put in a deck?
A5: Within the 16 cards in your G zone, you can have any number of them. The rule "You may have a maximum of 4 cards with the same name in your deck" still applies here.

Q6: Are cards excluded with Ultimate Stride placed in your Bind Zone? Can you put them back to the G zone with an effect?
A6: Excluded cards are put into the Exclusion Zone (a zone that can be distinguished from the field.) Also, since the Exclusion Zone is different from the Bind Zone, all effects pertaining to interaction to the Bind Zone cannot be used (e.g. Thunderstrike)

Q7: Are all cards from the G zone excluded by the effect of Ultimate Stride, no matter whether they are face up or face down?
A7: Yes, it doesn't matter if the cards in your G zone are face up or face down, they are all excluded from game.

Q8: Are all the face down cards excluded from Ultimate Stride turned faced up?
A8: Yes, all faced down cards are excluded faced up in the Exclusion Zone.

Q9: Is the Exclusion Zone a public zone?
A9: Yes. Your opponent may also check the contents of this zone.

Q10: If an unit with Ultimate Stride is put back into the G zone face up during a timing outside of the End Phase due to a card effect or a card is superior ride onto the [V]. In that situation, are cards in the G zone still being excluded?
A10: Yes, all cards in the G zone are still excluded when the card with Ultimate Stride would be returned to the G zone.

Q11: If there is a requirement "if you have a 《Clan》vanguard..." is that condition fulfilled if the clan is part of the nation the Zeroth Dragon belongs to?
A11: Yes, the Zeroth Dragon belongs to all clans within its nation, hence, a unit with the “Lord" ability can attack still attack.

Q12: When there's only the G unit with Ultimate Stride on the field, during drive check, a trigger is revealed. During that time, if there is no other units (rear guards) with the same clan as the trigger, can the trigger effects still be activated?
A12: Yes, because the Zeroth Dragon belongs to all clans belonging to the nation, hence, the trigger activation condition is fulfilled.

Q13: Can I pay the cost of Ultimate Stride by discarding a card with an original name different from the vanguard, but had its named changed to one of the vanguard(s) by an effect?
A13: Yes, you can. Since it's regarded as the same name as your vanguard, if the number of faced up G units in your G zone meet the requirement (three or more face up cards in your G zone), you may perform Ultimate Stride by discarding that card as the cost.

Q14: If I have a [Legion] vanguard (Eg: Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon which legion with its grade 2 legion mate, Blaster Blade Seeker), can I discard the mate (Eg: Blaster Blade Seeker), which is a grade 2, as the cost of Ultimate Stride?
A14: Yes, you can, as it has the same card name as a card on your [V].

Q15: Are cards excluded by Ultimate Stride regarded the same as the cards excluded during G Assist Step?
A15: Yes, they are in the same zone, Exclusion Zone.

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