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The card images used on this site are obtained from the Future Card Buddyfight Official Portal Site (, in accordance to the guidelines stated there. Re-use of these images (re-post, distribution) is strictly prohibited.
(C) Bushiroad All Rights Reserved.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cardfight!! Vanguard Extra Booster Set 1 (V-EB01):
The Destructive Roar
[The Destructive Roar]

Official Release Date:
[Japanese Edition] 29th June 2018
[English Edition] 2nd August 2018

Total Number of Cards: 66

SVR: 3
VR: 3
OR: 3
RRR: 6
RR: 9
R: 15
C: 33

- The Destructive Roar is the first Extra Booster for the V Series and it will feature cards that will be seen from the season 1 of Cardfight!! Vanguard.
- Includes further boosts to clan: Tachikaze, Spike Brothers and Megacolony.
- Includes further boosts to archetypes (Premium Format): Machining.
- Includes further boosts to Imaginary Gifts:
• Tachikaze: Accel
• Spike Brothers: Force
• Megacolony: Protect

Monday, June 18, 2018

Future Card Buddyfight "ACE" Booster Set 01 (S-BT01):
Gargantua Awakened

Official Release Date:
[Japanese Edition] 5th July 2018
[English Edition] 3rd August 2018

Total Number of Cards: 97 (91 New Cards + 6 Reprint Cards)

BR: 3
SP: 4
AR: 3
Secret: 15
RRR: 8
RR: 12
R: 12
U: 16
C: 24

Gargantua Awakened (Japanese: Combat Deity Gargantuais the first Booster Set of the Future Card Buddyfight "ACE",
- Includes Further Boosts to World: Dragon WorldDanger WorldAncient World, and Star Dragon World.
- Introducing the new attributes: DragodDeity Dragon TribeDeity YankeeLinkdragon Order and Astrodragon.
- Introduces the new Rarity, Ace Rare (AR) (God Rare (GR) in the Japanese format), which is hot-stamped versions of Buddy Monsters!
- Each booster pack contains 5 random cards, one of them definitely R or greater.
- There are 3 different variants of Secret Packs.
One Secret Pack and all 3 different Ace Rares are guaranteed per box.
- One of each Ace Rare (AR) will appear in every booster box!
- The Ace Rares (AR) for this set are:
> Gargantua Dragon (Dragon World)
Divine Dragon, Cross Astor Gear (Star Dragon World)
Lightning Axe, Agito (Ancient World)

Rule Changes:
1) The first player will draw on their first turn.
2) There will no longer be a limit on the number of [Counter] you can use during a single battle. This does not change how chains work, but allows you to perform multiple chains in a single battle.
3) Players will only be able to gain one additional turn at a time. To be specific, you can gain an additional turn, and cannot gain another additional turn until your opponent's turn.
Note: To go along with these rule changes "Trap Maker" will be errata'd to once per battle.

Demo Caravan:
- Buddyfight Ace will have a Demo Caravan run in Japan from 19th May 2018 to 1st July 2018!
- Players who have never tried Buddyfight before can learn the game at demonstrations and receive a fighter certificate, and all participants will receive a deckbox and 2 promos featuring the new characters!
- The poster has also given us a closer look at the monster form of Garga.
- The Demo Caravan is currently only in Japan, but should this change we will let you know!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Cardfight!! Vanguard Extra Booster Set 2 (V-EB02):
Champions of the Asia Circuit

Official Release Date:
[Japanese Edition] 20th July 2018
[English Edition] 31st August 2018
(Sneak Preview: 24th August 2018 - 25th August 2018)

Total Number of Cards: 58

Each Carton comes with 24 Box/Display.
Each Box/Display comes with 12 Packs.
Each Packs comes with 7 Cards (2 of them being Rare (R) or greater)
Each Box/Display comes with 1 VR or 1 SVR

SCR: 4
OR: 3
SVR: 3
VR: 3
RRR: 6
RR: 8
R: 13
C: 28

- Asia Circuit Champions is the 2nd V-series Extra Booster released in the Japanese and English formats.
- Includes support for the clans: Aqua Force, Dimension Police and Granblue.
- The package illustration features Leon Soryu, Kenji Mitsusada, Gouki Daimonji, Nagisa Daimonji and Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom.
- Includes supports for the Arcetypes (Premium Standard Format): Dimensional Robo, Blue Storm, Maelstorm, Daiyusha.
- Includes supports for Imaginary Gifts:
Accel: Aqua Force
Protect: Granblue
Force: Dimension Police

Friday, June 15, 2018

Future Card: BuddyFight "Ace" (S-PR):
Promotion Cards
- Japanese Edition
Future Card Buddyfight "ACE" Start Deck 3 (S-SD03):
Spiral Linkdragon Order

Official Release Date:
[Japanese] 23rd June 2018
[English] 27th July 2018

Type of Cards: 16 (13 New Cards + 2 Reprint Cards + 1 Flag)

Spiral Linkdragon Order is the 3rd S Start Deck released in the Japanese and English formats.
- A constructed deck with 52 cards.
- Includes a Rulebook, a Playmat and a Life Counter.
- Includes further support for Ancient World.
- Reprint Cards: Dragon Emperor Legend and Divine Dragon Creation.
- Introducing new attribute: Linkdragon Order.
- Introducing new keyword: D Share, D and Spiral D Share.

New Keyword:
<D Share> (Dシェア) is a keyword that a card possessing it to share its <D> ability with all other <D Share> cards. It is currently unique to Ancient World.

<D> is an ability name. Cards with <D> abilities can share them with other cards on the field through <D Share>. If a card has <Spiral D Share> , it gets the <D> abilities of cards in its soul. It is currently unique to Ancient World.

<Spiral D Share> (スパイラルD・シェア) is an ability name that allows a card to get the <D> ability of all <D Share> cards in its soul. It is currently unique to Ancient World.

Future Card Buddyfight "X2" Booster Set Alternative 1 (X2-BT01A):
Solar Strife

Official Release Date: 8th June 2018

Total Type of Cards: 122 (83 New Cards + 39 Reprints; 13 with new illustrations)

?: 1
Secret: 20
SP: 8
BR: 7
RRR: 17
RR: 19
R: 20
C: 30

- Solar Strife is the 7th Booster Set Alternative released in the English format.
Contains cards from: X2 Special Series 1: Bullets of the Sun VS World Of Demise, X Supply Set 01: Kyoya Forever, and X2 Special Set 1: Final Chief. (Click on the link to the card effects of the cards).
- Featuring cards for all worlds except for Ancient World as well as support for Dragon Zwei.
- Each box will contain 1 Secret pack & 1 Bonus: BR / SP / RRR / Secret Pack.
- There is NO Common (C) in this set.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Future Card: BuddyFight "Ace" (S-PR):
Promotion Cards
- English Edition

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cardfight!! Vanguard:
Promotional Cards (VPR)
- Standard Format (V Series)