Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Management of
would like to wish all a
Happy New Year
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Another year has passed and a new year is now ahead of us. We at CMD (Singapore) thanks everyone who have supported us in 2013.

All thanks to CMD's avid visitors, in just 2 years, we have already reached over 795 493 visitors on our Blogsite (, over 723 subscribers on our YouTube account (, over 10 Followers on our Twitter account (, over 182 Facebook Friends (, and over 961 Facebook Group members ( since we have started. We at CMD are thankful to your support.

As always we would also like to thank all our sources: BigWeb, Bulbapedia, Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Portal Site (Both English & Japanese), Livedoor (Freedomduo), Livedoor (KumaCard), Livedoor (CF-Vanguard), PokéBeach and many more.

We will be stopping updates on Pokémon TCG as of 2014, but you can get your Pokémon TCG's updates on PokéBeach. As for Colossus Order (CO) TCG, our updates for it will be slower as our main update will be prioritize to Cardfight!! Vanguard and also we will be starting the updates on the newest card game by Bushiroad, Future Card: BuddyFight in 2014, so do stay tune.

New year is like a new sun rise of hope, of prosperity, of happiness; its like a new beginning of thoughts, of words, of actions; its like a new day of energy, of strength, of ideas; its like a bunch of whole new things of pryers, of friends and of love. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!