Monday, December 18, 2017

CMD Singapore's
6th Year Anniversary

Dear Supporters/Viewers,

We feel happy today, CMD Singapore has reached the 6 year milestone!

We would like to thank everyone who’s supported our Blogsite (, FaceBook Page, FaceBook Group (CMD's Traders Zone), Twitter (@CMDSingapore) and YouTube Account (CMDnetwork); and to our faithful followers, and fellow Card Game friends.

Our Team, especially our Blogsite, means a whole lot more with your presence and encouragement!

Our team's experience has also opened up our world in more ways than one, truly inspiring and educational. We hope to venture into our sixth year with the same vigour and spirit, we take pride in this simple Blogsite and Facebook Page of ours and we enjoy it immensely.

These medias are space of our own where we can share our the various Cardfight!! Vanguard and Future Card: BuddyFight news with everyone.

We would also like to use this opportunity to thank our own Team CMD members for their various participation in this year's major tournament and with some, obtaining too few position!

There's various major event where we sent our various members to attend and we had achieved quite a number of Certificates from them, which mostly are placed at TTZ One.

As you had known from last year, our starting journey to have a YouTube channel team which is a subsidiary of CMD (Singapore) which we called it as Destiny of Cards, and it had hit over 1000 subscribers! Thanks for supporting and promoting for the channel! Do continue to support the channel. Do subscribe and share the videos if possible, and help us hit over 10000 subscribers! Thanks!

This year, we also had started on the Project Frontier by Genesis Frontier and our subsidiary team, Team Destiny of Cards (DOC), had participated in it, and had did well in the beginning of the project.

With Effective From 2018, CMD Singapore will slow down on updates for Future Card Buddyfight news. We will be concentrating mainly on Cardfight!! Vanguard and bringing you the latest news of it. But we will slowly be updating the news for Future Card Buddyfight too, so no worries. And also we had decided NOT to continue updating news on Dragoborne! We apologise for it as most of the members had stop playing the game too.

So do stick around and join us in our journey ahead, more insight into the heart and mind of this humble team from Singapore.

Thank you once again to all from the bottom of our heart. Have a lovely weekend!

Yours Sincerely,
Management of CMD (Singapore)