Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cardfight!! Vanguard "G":
Fighter's Collection 2017 (G-FC04)
- Special Exchange Campaign

- A set of 3 similar cards from the list below can be used to exchange a Rubber Playmat with the corresponding illustration of the G guardian/Heal Trigger (No mixture of other G guardians or cards)
- Exchange is available either via Mailing or Event.

(I) Japan Exchange Campaign
Method 1: Mailing
Period: 20th June 2017 - 31st August 2017
Delivery Begins: 24th July 2017

Method 2: Event
BCF 2017
25th June 2017 at Osaka
23rd July 2017 at Sendai
30th July 2017 at Hakata
20th August 2017 at Nagoya

Method 3: Bushiroad Store Exchange at TCG Station
Period: 27th June 2017 - 31st July 2017

Note: The above methods are only available within Japan.


(II) Overseas Exchange Campaign
- Fill in the form at your local official retailer.
- Cut off date: 27th July 2017

Note 1: Players should receive the Playmat by mid-end September 2017.
Note 2: Contact your retailers for more information.
Note 3: The above methods is only available outside of Japan.


3 copies of Far Away Time Maiden, Uluru (久遠の時乙女 ウルル) [G-FC04/042], you are able to exchange for 1 Rubber Playmat of with the artwork of Time-carving Maiden, Uluru (時を刻む乙女 ウルル) [G-FC04/066].

Exchange-able G guardians:
Time Maiden of Eternity, Uluru (久遠の時乙女 ウルル) [G-FC04/042]

Best Sparkle, Sandy (至高の宝珠 サンディー) [G-FC04/044]

Flower Princess of Cherries, Coschellina (桜桃の花乙姫 コスチェリナ) [G-FC04/048]

Exchange-able Heal Triggers:
Lozenge Magus Fine (ロゼンジ・メイガス ・ファイン) [G-FC04/050]

Good Luck Smile, Zashikihime (微笑む幸運 ザシキヒメ) [G-FC04/056]

Light that Lights Up Demise, Carina (終焉に灯る光 カリーナ) [G-FC04/062]