Friday, March 20, 2015

Future Card Buddyfight "H" (H-SD02):
Radiant Force

Official Release Date:
English Edition: 24th April 2015
Japanese Edition: 30th March 2015


Introducing the new Hero World.
- Introducing the new Transform keyword.
- The 52-card deck includes 17 types of cards (16 new cards, plus 1 flag) inclusive of 3 foil cards.
- It also comes with a life counter, rule book and playmat.
- Each display contains 6 decks.


[Transform] is a keyword, currently unique to Hero World. It allows, after paying a cost, equip the monster itself to the player as if it were an item from his/her hand or monster space. It offers the advantage of monsters having defense to protect the player against direct attacks while keeping their attributes and abilities, and because they become items they don't count toward's the player's size limit and are immune to monster destruction effects. In effect, [Ride] and [Transform] are exactly the same. The only difference between each is their support cards. [Transform] is commonly given to 《Superhero》 monsters, though there are a few exceptions.

It is marked by the text: [Transform] [Cost] (If you do, equip this card from your hand or monster space, and this card is treated as an item instead of a monster.)

Special Feature:

- Gold/Silver campaign for Cardfight!! Vanguard and Future Card: Buddfight will be combined into the "Get Treasure Campaign".


- Main support in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will be the English version of Future Card: BuddyFight. Japanese version will not be supported with Promos (PR), Shop Tournaments and/or event Tournament such as WGP.

:: Cardlist ::
Adventure Continent, Gunvellz (冒険大陸 ガンヴェルズ)
Hero World/Superhero - Brave Machine
- [Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]
[Double Attack] (Once per turn, this card may [Stand] after it attacks.)
There are 4 copies

Rescue Dragon, Crossbuster (RD クロスバスター)
Hero World/Superhero
There are 4 copies

Eco-Hero Solarpanelman (エコヒーロー・ソーラーパネルマン)
Hero World/Superhero - Light
- "Solar Charge" The [Cast Cost] of each of your <Hero World> spells is reduced by 1 gauge.
- When you cast a spell during a battle on your opponent's turn, choose a《Superhero》 on your field, and for this battle, give it power+1000 and defense+1000! You may only use this ability once per turn.
There are 3 copies

Heavy Trooper, Iron Saver (重機兵 アイアンセイバー)
Hero World/Superhero - Brave Machine
There are 4 copies

Radio Controlled Machine, Maxstorm (RCM マックストーム)
Hero World/Brave Machine
- [Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]
There are 3 copies

Stray Warrior, Vier (はぐれ戦士 フィーア)
Hero World/Superhero - Quartet Five
[Transform] [Pay 1 gauge] (If you do, equip this card from your hand or monster space, and this card is treated as an item instead of a monster.)
There are 4 copies

Cyber Police, Hyper Rescue (CP ハイパーレスキュー)
Hero World/Superhero - Brave Machine
There are 3 copies

Draw Away the Lackeys! (ザコは引っ込んでな!)
Hero World/Destruction
- Destroy a size 2 or less monster on the left or right of your opponent's field.
There are 2 copies

There, I See It! (見えたぞ、そこだっ!)
Hero World/Destruction
- [Cast Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]
- [Counter] Destroy a size 1 or less monster on your opponent's field!
There are 2 copies

Justice Will Prevail! (正義は必ず勝つ!)
Hero World/Enhance
- [Counter] Choose one 《Superhero》 in battle, and for this battle, give it power+3000, defense+3000, and [Counterattack].
There are 4 copies

It's About Time I Got Serious! (そろそろ本気を出すぜ!)
Hero World/Draw
- You may only cast this if you have 6 life or less.
- [Cast Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]
- Draw two cards. You may only cast "It's About Time I Got Serious!" once per turn.
There are 2 copies

I've Seen Through Your Move! (お前の技を見切った!)
Hero World/Defense
- You may only cast this card during an attack on your opponent's turn and if you do not have a monster in the center.
- [Counter] Nullify the attack.
There are 4 copies

Launch! Buddy Police (出動!バディポリス)
Hero World/Recovery - Charge
- Put the top card of your deck into your gauge, and you gain 1 life.
There are 3 copies

I'm Still Alive! (実は生きていた!)
Hero World/Recovery
- You may only cast this card when your life becomes 0.
- [Cast Cost] [Pay 3 gauge]
- [Counter] For this turn, the next time your life would become 0, your life becomes 1 instead. You may only cast "I'm Still Alive!" once per game.
There are 2 copies

Armor Rifle, Line Thunder (Aライフル ライサンダー)
Hero World/Weapon
- [Activate] Pay 2 gauge. If you do, put this card into your drop zone and destroy an item on your opponent's field!
There are 4 copies

Equation of Victory, Winning Formula! (勝利の方程式 ウィニング・フォーミュラー! )
Hero World/Superhero
- You may only cast this card if your opponent has 3 life or less, you have a 《Superhero》 monster on your field, and your opponent has no monsters on the field.
- [Cast Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]
- Deal 3 damage to your opponent!!
There are 3 copies

Hero World
- You may use <Hero World> and <Generic> cards.
There is 1 copy