Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cardfight!! Vanguard's

(i) Anime
- The main guests were Tsubasa Yonaga, who voices Aichi Sendou, Takuya Sato, who voices Toshiki Kai and Akira Itou, who created the original story!
- Producer Shimamura presented the news about the anime.

1: Climax of Legion Mate!
- Aichi and Kai will finally face off in episode 31 of the Legion Mate arc, airing on 5th October 2014!
- Episode 32 and 33 will feature many of the characters in the everyday life after the fight between Aichi and Kai.

- The broadcast of the new series, "Cardfight!! Vanguard G" has been decided!
- It takes place 3 years after the events in episode 31 of the Legion Mate arc
- The setting is based on the image of the streets of the Sumida and Taito wards of Tokyo
- The 2nd Card Capital shop makes its appearance, with Misaki Tokura as the owner, and Shin Nitta as the manager
- Kamui Katsuragi is a part-time worker there, and Assistant Manager Junior will also make an appearance!
- Akira Itou said that how Aichi and Kai look after 3 years have passed is a secret for now

2: New Vanguards!
- The new vanguards are Chrono Shindo (新導クロノ), Sion Kijou (綺場シオン) and Tokoha Anjou (安城トコハ).
- Mark Ishii, who voices Chrono Shindo, Jun’ya Enoki, who voices Sion Kijou, and Shizuka Ishikawa, who voices the high school version of Kamui Katsuragi, were special guests!
- Mark has experience with Vanguard? And Jun’ya had his first audition in season 1 of Vanguard!
- Emi Nitta, who voices Tokoha Anjou, gave a video message!
- On 16th October 2014, there will be a “Get! Special PR Card Campaign 2014” event at Akihabara

- The Vanguard Promotion Community mascot, Vanguaro-kun, made a special appearance!
- Kouji Ibuki from the Cardfight!! Vanguard Neon Messiah Movie also made an appearance as part of the management of the promotion community!
- The opening theme "BREAK IT!" will be sung by Mamoru Miyano, who voices Kouji Ibuki!
- The ending theme "Dakara Genki for YOU" (だから元気 for YOU) will be sung by Misaki Tokura (CV. Izumi Kitta)!
- Mamoru Miyano also gave a message by video!

- And the big news is that Cardfight!! Vanguard G will start airing from 10am of 26th October 2014 onwards, on TV Tokyo Network and BS Japan!

3: Monthly Bushiroad features:
- The cover of this month’s Monthly Bushiroad magazine features a picture of Aichi and Chrono.
- It’s one step ahead of the commercials in featuring Aichi and Chrono together!
- The comic featuring Aichi and Kai by Akira Itou continues in Monthly Bushiroad!


(ii) Cards
- The MCs for part 2 are Izumi Kitta, who voices Misaki Tokura, and Shuta Morishima, who voices Shin Nitta.

- Card designer Satoshi Nakamura from Yuhodo, and Vanguard Evangelist Doctor O were introduced.

1: Vanguard is Evolving!
- 3 major changes for Trial Decks!
1) 2 copies of the main card are included!
2) Also includes 2 Perfect Guard cards!
3) 4 pieces of the RRR card instead of 1!

- 3 major changes for Booster Packs!
1) Will boost older cards!
2) Revival Grade 3s will feature in the boosters!
3) Cards that can be used by all clans will make their appearance!

2: With Stride, all decks will be boosted!
- “Stride” will boost all decks
- The ability of the G Unit “Harmonics Messiah” is finally revealed!
- G Assist will support Rides!
Note: Detailed rules for Stride and G Assist will be revealed at a later date.

3: Info about new products!
-2 new Trial Decks and a new Booster Pack are announced!
- Chrono Shindo uses the new clan “Gear Chronicle”, while Sion Kijou uses “Royal Paladin”
- The schedule for Japanese products up to June 2015 is revealed!
Note: English products tentatively scheduled to release 27th February for the 2 Trial Decks, and March for the Booster Pack.
-Tokoha Anjou uses “Neo Nectar” while Kamui Katsuragi uses “Nova Grappler”

21st November 2014
- G-TD01: Awakening of the Interdimensional Dragon (覚醒の時空竜) - Gear Chronicle (ギアクロニクル) - New Clan!
- G-TD02: Divine Swordsman of the Shiny Star (明光の聖剣士) - Royal Paladin

5th December 2014
- G-BT01: Generation Stride (時空超越) which includes further boosts to Gear Chronicle, Royal Paladin, Oracle Think Tank, Nova Grappler and Kagero.

22nd January 2015
- G-TD03: Neo Nectar
- G-TD04: Aqua Force

20th February 2015
- G-BT02 which includes further boosts to Neo Nectar, Aqua Force, etc

March 2015
- G-EB01 which includes further boosts to Dimension Police.

April 2015
- G-TD05: Link Joker
- G-TD06: Shadow Paladin
- Fighters Collection 2015 (FC03)

May 2015
- G-BT03 which includes further boosts to Link Joker, Shadow Paladin, etc

June 2015
- G-EB02 which includes further boosts to Bermuda △.


(iii) Events and Promotions
- The MCs for part 3 continue to be Izumi Kitta, who voices Misaki Tokura, Shuta Morishima, who voices Shin Nitta, and the Vanguard Evangelist Doctor O.

- CEO Kidani Takaaki gave the exposition

1: Surge of Events planned (Japan)
- 4 PR cards, including G Units, will be given out at the “Get! Special PR Card Campaign” events!
- The list of participating shops (over 200 in Japan) and details about how to take part will be revealed at a later date!
- Explanation of the Stride ability and how-to-play workshops will be held concurrently!

- Lots of events to come, including the Dai Vanguard Festival 2015 and Ride The Stage Tokyo!

4th October 2014 - 30th December 2014: WGP2014
2nd November 2014: Mini Vanguard Festival (Shizuoka)
23rd November 2014: Mini Vanguard Festival (Niigata)
26th December 2014 - 31st January 2015: Bushiroad Festival (Tokyo Dome City)
12th January 2015: New Spring Trio Festival 2015
8th March 2015: Ride the Stage
25th April 2015 - 26th April 2015: Dai Vanguard Festival 2015
April 2015 - May 2015: Mini Vanguard Festival
May 2015: BCF2015

2: Promotion of the anime and products
- Start of use of digital signage that play product commercials and trailers of the movie!
- Shops with big banners!
- 70 wall posters in 44 stations, and 9,000 door-side posters will be put up as the end of the year approaches!
- Look forward to commercials for the new series as well!
- Re-broadcasts of the past seasons of the anime for those who want to re-watch it!

3: Expansion of the various Vanguard Worlds!
- New development for the Bushimo game “Cray Wars”! Aichi, Kai and Ren will make an appearance?!
- There will also be signed cards and cards with new lines for Vanguard in “Five Qross”!


(iv) New Mechanism
- Stride
- G-Assist Deck

Information regarding Stride:
- Stride is a mechanic that will evolves all decks, regardless is a crossride deck, limit break deck or a legion deck.
- It is a card that is not place in the main deck, there will be a new zone, Generation Zone, where the cards will be placed at and it is located above the damage zone.
- You can only have up to 8 cards in the Generation Zone.
- The cards in the Generation Zone are placed face-down.
- A vanguard(s) that had strided  is called Hearts.
- When a Stride G unit attacks, the drive check that it perform is 3 (Triple Drive Check)
- The Stride G Unit will gain the original base [Power] and card name of the previous vanguard.
- The Stride unit will be able to Triple Drive!! check!
- If you Stride Harmonic Messiah over Perdition Imperial Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Great, Harmonic Messiah's base [Power] will become 27000 and it will also gain the card name, Perdition Imperial Dragon, Dragonic Overlord the Great!
- The condition to perform Stride is that both you and your opponent needs to have a grade 3 or higher vanguard!
- The timing to pay to perform Stride only be during ride phase!
- The cost to perform Stride is to discard a total of grade 3 or more from your hand!
1 grade 3
1 grade 1 and 1 grade 2
3 grade 1
- Stride happens until end of its owner's turn. It will be return back to the Generation Zone during the end of turn in face-up.
- Units in the Generation Zone in face-up is not allowed to be used again to perform Stride.
- Stride is not considered as ride, hence, it will not work on the card ability, Break Ride and any cards that state "placed on [V]".
- Stride can be performed after a normal ride.
- If you perform Stride over a vanguard that is deleted, that unit will become Hearts, and the original [Power] of that deleted unit will still be added to the stride G unit.
- If you perform Stride over a legion unit that is in legion, you simply place the Stride unit over the legion unit, the mate does not go into the soul. The Stride unit will gain the original [Power] of the either one of the legion units and not together.
Note: During your next turn after you before Stride, even if your legion mate is destroyed by Star-vader, Blaster Joker, you are still not able to perform legion with that as that unit had been legion-ed before.

Information regarding G-Assist Deck:
- There will be a new phase which is called Assist Step which is a new ruling to help deal with misgrading (grade lock).
Note: Currently, there is no further information given on how it works and what it is. CMD (Singapore) will update you when we get the official information from the official website next week, 10th October 2014.