Sunday, December 18, 2011

Welcome to
CMD Singapore
[CardFight . Mass-Communication . Development]

We are a Singapore's Card Group that currently trying to cover on 3 of Card Games in Singapore - CardFight!! Vanguard (CFV), Pokémon (PKMN) and Weiβ Schwarz (WS).

We do hope to be able to organize local CardFight!! Vanguard, Weiβ Schwarz and Pokémon Tournaments.

Do read the VG Fighters Guide if you are new to the game, then go to one of the local's CardFight!! Vanguard licensed shops and pick up some cards to play with! CMD also supports a local CardFight!! Vanguard licensed shop, TTZ Trading, which is run by Elsie, where the shop is located in Hougang Central.

We also included a couple of easy access to certain/specific information, so don't worry on the navigation here at CMD's Blogsite.

This Blogsite was already running for awhile and from then on, we try our best to make sure that our Blogsite are updated with the latest news and we also decided to mark 18th December 2011, Sunday, as the opening of CMD and also CMD's Blogsite.

Here are our Goals for CMD and the reason behind each of the letter of CMD:-

CardFight: Card sales,card ethics and card rules in terms of judging/gameplay. 

Mass-Communication: To spread the game worldwide for others to enjoy the game as we do. 

Development: Professionalizing the rules, layout of the game and monitoring new cards for players. 

If you have any enquiry, do email us at

Do support us as we try our best to bring you the news of the world of CardFight! Vanguard, Pokémon, Weiβ Schwarz and hopefully other card games that will be requested on demand.